Imagine your great-great-grandchildren

will they know you?

Leave your legacy for the future! With a living legacy video, we can connect with the future by sharing memories of the past. We can help future generations make better decisions by offering a treasure chest of experiences from real people in their own voice.

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Share your life experiences with the world to learn from you.


Share your family memories for future generations to never forget.


It will no longer be just a picture and stories passed down, but instead you and your voice.

What do you remember from your…

teen years
And beyond!

Our lives are filled with experiences and memories that sculpted who we ultimately became.  Tell the world who you are, what you learned, and what memories make you smile.

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your life will never be forgotten

Did you ever tell your kids how you met your soulmate?

The Legacy Team

What do others talk about in their videos?

Video Topic Ideas

Rules You Live By

What standards, morals, and values did you hold near and dear to your heart? What standards are you proud you held onto throughout your life?

Growing Up

What was it like growing up in your family? What kind of trouble did you and your siblings get into?

High School Shenanigans

The teenage years were tricky for everyone, but that also leads to some great stories to share.

Young Adulthood

Did you go to college or go straight into the job force? Do you wish you took a different path? Share what you learned during this time of young adulthood.

Parenting Advice

What did you learn during your experience with your first child? What do you wish you would have known? What things were you happy you did?

Life Accomplishments

How did you spend your time? Were you successful in your career or raise a happy, successful family? What are the highlights of your life that come to mind?

About Your Family

What do you remember about your children? Share your memories of an average day, vacations, and life events that were significant to you. What was it like to become a aunt, uncle, and/or grandparent?

Wisdom To Impart

What knowledge do you want to leave behind in your legacy? What did you figure out throughout your life? What do you wish you learned when you were younger? Do you wish you would have done things differently?

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Our mission is simple: Bring your legacy to life.

It is so important we have a central database of video legacies. People’s own experiences in their own voice accessible in one location. Friends and loved one’s can go to Legacy.me to listen and see their loved one’s thoughts and messages. Stored forever in our database for easy access Legacy.me is a home for the living legacy; a place where we can preserve someone’s true human essence.  No longer will we be relegated to just our memories but through Legacy.me we will have a tool which will allow us to awaken our senses to the true meaning of who that person truly was. A tool to help people remember.